How to install Frontaccounting ERP

FrontAccounting is free and released under the GNU General Public License. The databases can be placed anywhere in the world and can be reached from everywhere.

Install Frontaccounting ERP

Following are simple steps to install Frontaccounting ERP on your system.

Download Latest Version

Click the above button to download the latest version of Frontaccounting ERP. And extract the downloaded zip file into your htdocs folder. Now open the project in your browser.

System Diagnostics

Now you should see the system diagnostics page. If all tests status are success you can click Continue>> button.


Database Server Settings

Now you can see database server settings panel shown as below. Fill the form and click Next>> .



  • Server Host – Web server IP address or enter localhost.
  • Server Port – Server Port leave it blank for default port 80.
  • Database Name – Create database for frontaccounting and enter created database name here.
  • Database User – Enter your mysql user name
  • Database Password – Enter your mysql user password
  • Database Collation – Enter your mysql collation or Leave as it is.
  • User `0_` Table Prefix – Select yes.
  • Install Additional Language From FA Repository – Check if you want to install additional languages . Don`t worry you can install in future.
  • Install Additional COAs From FA Repository – Check if you want to install additional Chart Of Accounts . Don`t worry you can install in future.

Company Settings

Now you can see company settings panel. Here you should enter your company details don`t worry you can change this details in future. Once you fill the details click Install button. It will take sometime to finish your setup.

Warning! Remember your Admin login and password. It will be used to login to your admin panel.
  • Company Name – Enter your company name.
  • Admin Login – Enter your login name.
  • Admin Password – Enter your password.
  • Reenter Password – Reenter your password
  • Select Chart Of Accounts – Select your company Chart Of Accounts.
  • Select Default Language – Select your default language.


After successfully installed your company. You can login to your admin panel. Use your username and password to login to admin panel.

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