Responsive Frontaccounting Theme

CurfTheme is a responsive bootstrap theme for Frontaccounting ERP. It gives modern user interface for your Frontaccounting ERP. If you dont have Frontaccounting ERP click here to install Frontaccounting ERP.

CurfTheme Features

Modern Interface

CurfTheme gives modern userinterface for your Frontaccounting ERP.

Frontaccounting Theme

Global Search

Curftheme has global search functionality for all menus. So navigation is very simple with curftheme.

Frontaccounting Search

Custom Color Scheme

Curftheme has lots of pre defined color scheme. Also you can choose your company primary color by using color picker.

Frontaccounting Color Picker

Dark Mode

Curftheme provides dark mode support for better eye comfort.

Google Fonts

You can change your system fonts by using google fonts.

Frontaccounting custom fonts

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